Monthly Archives: July 2016

Can I walk on my winter safety cover?

We don’t recommend that you walk around on your winter safety cover.  Can they withstand the weight?  Yes of course!  In fact they are built strong enough to handle the weight of several adults just in case of a situation where a child has wandered onto the safety cover and needs to be retrieved.

Do I need the winter safety cover if I don’t have kids?

Sunnyview Pools highly recommends the winter safety cover, and in fact, we have it built into our pool cost!  Even if our clients tell us they don’t have children, we still always recommend the safety cover and explain the importance of it.  The peace of mind knowing that your pool is completely covered and can not be accessed by any children or animals who may be wandering about.  Not to mention in the spring/summer months when you open your pool, you won’t be finding any dead critters who may have entered your pool.  Please strongly consider having this cover installed when you close your pool.  The peace of mind is worth every penny!

Do I need to remove snow and water from the safety cover in the winter?

We think it is a good idea to remove large amounts of snow off of the safety cover as carefully as you can so that you don’t damage the cover.  You should also remove any large amount of water that is on top of the safety cover by draining it carefully.  After you have done that, we recommend that you adjust the straps to prevent this from happening again.  If you are not diligent in your care for the safety cover in the winter months, it could cause permanent damage to the cover.  To drain the water, just loosen the straps the run through the draining points and tighten the straps away from those points.  It is normal to have a little bit of water on top of the cover without worry as it will just evaporate anyway.

Should I make sure to add chemicals to my pool before closing?

Sunnyview Pools recommends that you check to make sure your pool has the proper level of sanitizer before closing it for the winter months.  If you do this, it will ensure that when you open your pool for the summer season, the water will be clear.  If the cover is still on after the temperature reaches about 15-16 degrees celcius, you might have to add more chemicals to keep the water looking clear.

What should the spring tension be on my winter safety cover?

That is a question many people wonder about when closing their pool with the winter safety cover.  It is important to ensure the tension is where it should be to have it working most effectively.  When you are putting in on at first adjust the tension to about half compression, to keep the cover tight and help with water drainage.  You should make sure to check this often, as well as the straps to make sure it is where it should be.