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What factors influence how much my pool will cost me?

There are many different factors. First of all, it depends on what type of pool you are getting. If you are going with a concrete pool, then you must know that the initial costs are going to be much higher than that of a vinyl liner pool or a fiberglass pool. Another factor may be time of year. If you are having a pool contractor come out during peek season, chances are you are paying top dollar. There may be deals, depending on which company you go with, if you choose to have your pool built in the Fall.

What are you planning around your pool or in your pool? Many people like to do really unique, beautiful things with their swimming pools. It all depends what you will be using it for. Those who get more elaborate with their pool tend to be the type who enjoy having friends and family over, enjoying spending time in their backyard, while their pool area is the main focal point. Some, on the other hand, enjoy their pool area for themselves. It is a place to relax or play with their kids. It is not meant to be a focal point or means to entertain. These two very different types of pool owners will pay very different prices for their pools.

If you would like landscaping done, extras such as a waterfall, maybe a spa built into your pool, will cost you much more than just the typical pool. Keep in mind that another factor in cost might be the access to which we have/do not have into your backyard. We at Crystal Platinum pools carry a lot of different equipment to get the job done right for you. Sometimes, it may happen that we are not able to get into your backyard through the side of your home because it may be to narrow. This is something can affect the cost of your pool. If you have worked hard at maintaining your lawn and landscape and do not want to see the grass torn up, and machines driving all over your property, our company offers a conveyor system approach! This, again, will affect the cost of your pool, but to some it is worth it due to lack of damage. Our company will get into your backyard, have a conveyor system set up throughout, so that when we are digging out your pool we are able to put the dirt and rock onto the conveyor and have it sent out to the truck! It is a really clean option that many people choose to save the life of their lawns, gardens and concrete. This is something you can always discuss with one of our professionals and we can decide with you if it will be the best option.

I can’t decide between a Fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner pool. Which is best?

All types of pools have their benefits. The choice depends on your needs, wants, and ultimately your budget. With a concrete pool you are looking at a higher overall initial cost compared to the vinyl liner or the fiberglass pool. With a concrete pool the shapes and designs are endless. So, if you are thinking about having a pool that is completely customized – waterfalls, artistic pool shape, or even a built in spa, a concrete pool is what you are looking for. Although, as we mentioned the concrete pool has the higher initial cost, a well structured and built concrete pool can last a lifetime.

With the vinyl liner pools, you are also able to choose from many shapes and sizes. You can decide if you would like your pool to have a deep end, or if the water level will remain the same throughout so you can use it more as a recreation and sports pool! You are able to choose from many different liner colour options as well. It is no longer limited to the aqua blue that you are probably so use to seeing. There are many different beautiful options such as a sand colour option, or a deep blue colour. The vinyl line pool is less expensive compared to the concrete pool, but a little more maintenance is required with this type of pool as well. Usually after about 8-10 years it will require the liner to be replaced.

Fiberglass pools are quick and easy to install, usually about 3-5 days. It is a durable product which can withstand cracking in freezing temperature. It is said to be very strong, and the smooth texture feels nice on your feet as well. Because of its non-porous surface it can also resist any issues with water imbalance with chemicals therefore also making it pretty easy to maintain, not to mention cost effective! The fiberglass pool option is a great option for many. However, there is not a wide selection on shapes, and due to transportation methods, the fiberglass pool comes in a standard width of 16ft.

What is the best time of year to buy a pool?

There really is not a best time because pools can be installed anytime as long as we can get the water into the pool.

Generally, people tend to start thinking about installing swimming pools as the Spring time approaches, and this time, and into the summer is the most popular time for pool construction. However, as long as weather permitting, our company does not stop. Many people also decide to build their pools in the Fall, as you may be looking at getting some deals. The downfall many people see in building in the Fall is that they won’t get to use their new pool in their newly constructed backyard oasis. Yes, this may seem like a downfall, but another good thing to look at is the installation of the pool will likely run smoothly because the ground at this time of year is dry and easier to work with.

Typically speaking, if you are building a pool you are most likely also designing and constructing a complete backyard oasis including landscaping, plants, trees, flower beds etc. With that being said, Fall is the perfect time to start your planting! This is actually the perfect time for trees and flowers to be planted so that they are ready to grow in the next Spring season. Not to mention if we have torn up your grass area, this is also the perfect time to seed and correct any damaged areas.

What do I need to know about pool maintenance and sanitation?

This differs depending on what type of pool you own, however, both chlorine and saltwater pools need to be regularly maintained. As we mentioned before, a saltwater pool sounds as though you just put the water into the pool and magically it somehow maintains itself. Not the case. Although the maintenance of it is less complex than that of a chlorine water pool, there are still regimens you should follow.

A concrete pool with either have a tile or a concrete liner. If the pool has a concrete liner then the best method would be to take a brush and scrape the lining of the pool from shallow to deep end (if that is the way your pool is) and wait until all the debris settles to the top of the water, where you can then vacuum it all up. If it is lined with tile, it will need to be cleaned with any household cleaner and scrubbed. A concrete pool can be emptied completely without having to worry about it collapsing which might make it easier for you to clean.

With a vinyl liner pool you should use a pool brush and scrub the entire pool every 1-2 weeks. Use a cleaner and cloth to wipe down and scrub your pool. We also suggest checking the water line of your pool regularly to see if there has been any build up at all. You can also scrub the water line regularly.

Fiberglass pools have a non-porous surface which does not allow for debris to get caught, making it a very easy material to keep clean. The swimming pool ring is very common with a fiberglass pool. This is from debris and body oils built up and along side the pool. Many people have actually suggested Mr. Clean magic eraser to use against the pool line to clear away the ring.

Should I get a saltwater or chlorine pool? What is the difference?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the two is that a salt water pool does not have chlorine in it. Both types of pools have chlorine, it is the method in which the chemical is put into the swimming pool, and the amount required in each, that differs.

Salt water pools create chlorine in a salt water generator. Because you need to purchase this generator for a salt water pool, which will deliver a constant flow of chlorine into the pool, the cost is generally higher. If you plan on keeping the pool for many years, the cost of the salt water generator makes up for the cost of a chlorine pool in the long run.

When you clean out the salt water pool it should be done only once a year meaning you will be cleaning the surface all around, draining the pool, changing the filers etc.

With a chlorine pool, the initial set up costs are cheaper than those of a saltwater pool. It involves more time and effort in maintaining it as well. With the chlorine pool you have to make sure the PH balance is perfect. The number should be anywhere from 7.2-7.6 to perform at its best. It is said to kill bacteria at it’s very best at 7.2. To make sure your pool’s PH level is at its best you should check the levels twice a week.

How do I choose a swimming pool contractor?

When trying decide who you will be using to build your dream pool, consider a few important facts…

Take a look at the company reputation. If you know anyone who has used their services to do work, ask them. Take a look at their website, any photos of jobs that were done can give you an idea of their workmanship.

Sunnyview Pools owner’s each have many years experience in this field. Dave has about 11 years in the industry, while Brian has over 20 years experience with concrete and landscaping.

How else have your heard of them? Do you hear their advertisements on the radio? Do your research, best thing we can suggest is if you are interested in a company, give them a call and have them come out to your home to give you a quote. Here at Sunnyview Pools we give out no obligation, free quotes! Give us a call and book your swimming pool today!

Whats the difference between a concrete pool and a Vinyl liner pool?

The concrete swimming pool is very durable, a life long investment. The finish of the concrete pool can be traditional white, or any other colour you choose, it Can also be lined with tile all throughout, or just around the water line. Tiling around the water line will give you the same beautiful effect as if it were tiled throughout, at a fraction of the cost. The concrete pool allows for anything your imagination can create. The creations are endless, you can have any shape of pool, waterfalls, multi-level, colour, and the list goes on.

The vinyl pool is made of steel walls with vinyl liner. These days due to the popularity, the vinyl liner pool comes in many different shapes and sizes. You are still able to add things such as waterfalls, diving boards etc. There are many different things you can come up with to make your backyard oasis something truly unique.

There’s not much room between my house and my neighbours home and we don’t want to ruin their property.

Sunnyview Pools is prepared for any scenario!

We have been in this business for a long time and we know people do not enjoy having their own property torn up, let alone their neighbour’s. This is where our conveyor system comes in very handy. This system will allow us to get into your backyard with a small excavator, so small that it will not need to drive along your neighbour’s property. While we are in your backyard digging and doing the necessary prep work to install your pool, we will remove the dirt and place on to the conveyor which makes its way to the front yard and into a dump truck.

You will be happy to know that we will not destruct your property, or that of your neighbor either! This is something our experts can discuss with you at our no obligation free estimate. If it is something that truly concerns you we will have a look at the entrance point, take measurements and let you know if a conveyor is your best option. If it is something you are set on having, that is not a problem just let us know!

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Whether you rely on a company to service your pool there are still a few little things you must do to ensure your pool stays in good and beautiful condition.

Swimming Pool Builders in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

Swimming Pool Builders in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

Remember anytime a pump fails on any heater always consult the manufacturer or the manual, or call a professional.

Clean out basket and skim debris
By skimming the surface by hand every couple of days it will keep debris from sinking down to the bottom of the pool which will be harder to clean. To clean leaves and bugs and other debris must be done with a long pole with a net at the end called a skimmer. Cleaning it periodically will really help with the circulation in your pool which will lead to using less chlorine due to good circulation.
Cleaning your basket out every 3 days will also help the circulation of your pool. Basket is located on your pool deck close to the edge of the water. Take the cap off and the basket will need to be brushed, or you can just shake off the debris and put it back Into place.

Vacuum Pool, brush the sides
Brushing the side walls with a soft bristle broom reduces the amount of algae an build up of calcium, which can lead to a bigger problem.
Vacuuming can be automatic and is installed to the hose and the machine does the cleaning, see instructions on machine before using due to different types. It is basically like you are vacuuming a carpet, just going back and forth and over lapping the area. We recommend cleaning your pool once a week.

Cleaning your filter
There are 3 different kinds of pool filters, cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth. All 3 also require different maintenance procedures, and cleaning as well.
Cleaning the filter to many times than recommended can also cause filter disruption and may not do its required job. Cleaning a filter will not help capture the smaller particles of dirt.

Professionally service your heater
With so many heaters we suggest consulting your manual and go by the instructions given by the manufacturer. Gas heaters usually are fine every 2-3 years for a maintenance check, where electric can last even longer.

Checking water levels
Always make sure water does not go below the skimmer otherwise the pump might pail or could cause damage. Water loss can be caused by evaporation or normal wear and tear such as splashing and activities in the pool.

Maintaining the PH level
Swimming pools can be tested regularly on its PH levels. The PH is a measurement of alkalinity and acid that can run from 0-14. A reading between 7.2-7.8 is a good reading, and should be kept as close to these numbers as possible. This is a safe PH range and helps the sanitize process to work at top efficiency.
Check local pools stores to find PH testing kit and refer to instructions on kit that are usually pretty straight forward.

Superchlorinate water
Organic materials like nitrogen or ammonia tends to build up in a pool over time. Mass amounts of these chemicals interact with the pool’s chlorine, or form chloramines, which will give off that strong chlorine smell that people always associate with pools.
To get rid of this smell you must super chlorinate, or shock your pool water back to its normal chlorine levels. Add the amount required for your pool by a professional. The chlorine will shock the pool back to its perfect chlorine levels and will be able to swim again. Always consult an expert or educate yourself with the equipment you have at your house.

Find leaks and repair them
Sometimes it is hard to find out if you have a leak. Fill up a plastic bucket ¾ full of water, mark the level at the side of the bucket, then put the bucket in the pool and mark the other side of the bucket with pool water level. Let it float for 2-3 days. If the water inside and water outside marks have gone down the same amount its evaporation of water not a leak. Measure off both lines to determine if there is a leak. Call a professional to fix the problem.

Winterize your pool
We recommend you get a professional for at least 1-3 years and watch them and really study how they close your pool. Closing a pool incorrectly an follow up with major disasters. Make sure you are 100% on how to close your pool. If you doubt yourself for a second, call a professional.

Opening your pool
We recommend calling a professional for the first couple of years as well, learn how they do it, and ask a lot of questions. For the cost of opening and closing, it is a good idea to watch a professional do it first, until you are completely confident you can do it yourself.

What to Consider When Getting a Swimming Pool

  • First, you must decide what your pool will be used for. Will it be mainly to relax in the comfort of your own backyard? Will it be the main focal point while entertaining your family & friends? Will it be used mainly as a play area for your children? Once you have narrowed that down it becomes much easier to now decide on landscape ideas, kitchen and bar areas, covered areas, fire pits and more. Whether you have your backyard oasis planned or not, it is always good to keep such things in mind as to keep room for structures and construction for the future.
  • Our amazing design contractors can help put your mind at ease by helping you plan your pool, and pool surroundings to give you the backyard you have always wanted
  • Take a look at your backyard and its surroundings before deciding on the shape of your pool. How will it look from the inside of your home looking out? While you are outside.
  • Options: Think about things such as lighting, water fountains, steps, diving board, and how deep you would like your pool. Will you have a deep end for diving? Or will your pool be 1 level, used mainly for recreation and play?
  • Budget: once you have decided how you want your pool to look, you can start looking at a reasonable budget. Our expert team will help you plan and give you ideas for cost.
  • Salt water or chlorine: This preference is really up to the individual person. Both systems require maintenance. Chlorine pools have been around for many years, and what has been commonly used in Canada, with salt water becoming more common in pools more recently. Take into account that every pool is different, and you must decide which system is best for your pool based on your needs. Salt is great because you do not need to manually add chlorine to the water, although salt water pools, despite what some may think, still do have chlorine in them. The saltwater system places the sanitizer directly into the water. Salt water pools require much less handling of chemicals to put into the water, while these types of pools require less maintenance, they still do need to be maintained. Salt water pools tend to be a little more expensive to start out with, but in the end is cheaper to maintain and keep.
  • Take a look at your deck or patio area. This is where you, your friends, and family will be spending a lot of time having a couple of drinks or just relaxing around the pool. You will want to have an area that is relaxing and comfortable. A nice dinner table and maybe some couch seating with a fireplace would be something to take a look at. This is something we truly believe will add to the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis.
  • A kitchen area with a bar is another way to make your backyard into your perfect oasis. What better way to make your backyard seem like a tropical getaway then by having a beautiful pool next to a beautiful eating and drinking area? If you are having trouble envisioning exactly what you would like, leave it up to our experts to work with you and give you some tips and tricks!
  • Add a spa to your pool! If you are building a concrete pool, ask our experts for some design advice and they can work with you on a specific shape for your pool that will work to also hold a spa area. This can be a very relaxing retreat when it has been a long work week, or you would just like to spend some time to yourself.
  • Lighting plays a huge role in the entire backyard oasis resort feel. Lighting can get on the pricey side depending on what you would like, but it looks gorgeous! There are so many designs and ways we can add lighting to your pool, and surrounding pool area.