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What is the best time of year to buy a pool?

There really is not a best time because pools can be installed anytime as long as we can get the water into the pool.

Generally, people tend to start thinking about installing swimming pools as the Spring time approaches, and this time, and into the summer is the most popular time for pool construction. However, as long as weather permitting, our company does not stop. Many people also decide to build their pools in the Fall, as you may be looking at getting some deals. The downfall many people see in building in the Fall is that they won’t get to use their new pool in their newly constructed backyard oasis. Yes, this may seem like a downfall, but another good thing to look at is the installation of the pool will likely run smoothly because the ground at this time of year is dry and easier to work with.

Typically speaking, if you are building a pool you are most likely also designing and constructing a complete backyard oasis including landscaping, plants, trees, flower beds etc. With that being said, Fall is the perfect time to start your planting! This is actually the perfect time for trees and flowers to be planted so that they are ready to grow in the next Spring season. Not to mention if we have torn up your grass area, this is also the perfect time to seed and correct any damaged areas.