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I can’t decide between a Fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner pool. Which is best?

All types of pools have their benefits. The choice depends on your needs, wants, and ultimately your budget. With a concrete pool you are looking at a higher overall initial cost compared to the vinyl liner or the fiberglass pool. With a concrete pool the shapes and designs are endless. So, if you are thinking about having a pool that is completely customized – waterfalls, artistic pool shape, or even a built in spa, a concrete pool is what you are looking for. Although, as we mentioned the concrete pool has the higher initial cost, a well structured and built concrete pool can last a lifetime.

With the vinyl liner pools, you are also able to choose from many shapes and sizes. You can decide if you would like your pool to have a deep end, or if the water level will remain the same throughout so you can use it more as a recreation and sports pool! You are able to choose from many different liner colour options as well. It is no longer limited to the aqua blue that you are probably so use to seeing. There are many different beautiful options such as a sand colour option, or a deep blue colour. The vinyl line pool is less expensive compared to the concrete pool, but a little more maintenance is required with this type of pool as well. Usually after about 8-10 years it will require the liner to be replaced.

Fiberglass pools are quick and easy to install, usually about 3-5 days. It is a durable product which can withstand cracking in freezing temperature. It is said to be very strong, and the smooth texture feels nice on your feet as well. Because of its non-porous surface it can also resist any issues with water imbalance with chemicals therefore also making it pretty easy to maintain, not to mention cost effective! The fiberglass pool option is a great option for many. However, there is not a wide selection on shapes, and due to transportation methods, the fiberglass pool comes in a standard width of 16ft.