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What to Consider When Getting a Swimming Pool

  • First, you must decide what your pool will be used for. Will it be mainly to relax in the comfort of your own backyard? Will it be the main focal point while entertaining your family & friends? Will it be used mainly as a play area for your children? Once you have narrowed that down it becomes much easier to now decide on landscape ideas, kitchen and bar areas, covered areas, fire pits and more. Whether you have your backyard oasis planned or not, it is always good to keep such things in mind as to keep room for structures and construction for the future.
  • Our amazing design contractors can help put your mind at ease by helping you plan your pool, and pool surroundings to give you the backyard you have always wanted
  • Take a look at your backyard and its surroundings before deciding on the shape of your pool. How will it look from the inside of your home looking out? While you are outside.
  • Options: Think about things such as lighting, water fountains, steps, diving board, and how deep you would like your pool. Will you have a deep end for diving? Or will your pool be 1 level, used mainly for recreation and play?
  • Budget: once you have decided how you want your pool to look, you can start looking at a reasonable budget. Our expert team will help you plan and give you ideas for cost.
  • Salt water or chlorine: This preference is really up to the individual person. Both systems require maintenance. Chlorine pools have been around for many years, and what has been commonly used in Canada, with salt water becoming more common in pools more recently. Take into account that every pool is different, and you must decide which system is best for your pool based on your needs. Salt is great because you do not need to manually add chlorine to the water, although salt water pools, despite what some may think, still do have chlorine in them. The saltwater system places the sanitizer directly into the water. Salt water pools require much less handling of chemicals to put into the water, while these types of pools require less maintenance, they still do need to be maintained. Salt water pools tend to be a little more expensive to start out with, but in the end is cheaper to maintain and keep.
  • Take a look at your deck or patio area. This is where you, your friends, and family will be spending a lot of time having a couple of drinks or just relaxing around the pool. You will want to have an area that is relaxing and comfortable. A nice dinner table and maybe some couch seating with a fireplace would be something to take a look at. This is something we truly believe will add to the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis.
  • A kitchen area with a bar is another way to make your backyard into your perfect oasis. What better way to make your backyard seem like a tropical getaway then by having a beautiful pool next to a beautiful eating and drinking area? If you are having trouble envisioning exactly what you would like, leave it up to our experts to work with you and give you some tips and tricks!
  • Add a spa to your pool! If you are building a concrete pool, ask our experts for some design advice and they can work with you on a specific shape for your pool that will work to also hold a spa area. This can be a very relaxing retreat when it has been a long work week, or you would just like to spend some time to yourself.
  • Lighting plays a huge role in the entire backyard oasis resort feel. Lighting can get on the pricey side depending on what you would like, but it looks gorgeous! There are so many designs and ways we can add lighting to your pool, and surrounding pool area.