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What factors influence how much my pool will cost me?

There are many different factors. First of all, it depends on what type of pool you are getting. If you are going with a concrete pool, then you must know that the initial costs are going to be much higher than that of a vinyl liner pool or a fiberglass pool. Another factor may be time of year. If you are having a pool contractor come out during peek season, chances are you are paying top dollar. There may be deals, depending on which company you go with, if you choose to have your pool built in the Fall.

What are you planning around your pool or in your pool? Many people like to do really unique, beautiful things with their swimming pools. It all depends what you will be using it for. Those who get more elaborate with their pool tend to be the type who enjoy having friends and family over, enjoying spending time in their backyard, while their pool area is the main focal point. Some, on the other hand, enjoy their pool area for themselves. It is a place to relax or play with their kids. It is not meant to be a focal point or means to entertain. These two very different types of pool owners will pay very different prices for their pools.

If you would like landscaping done, extras such as a waterfall, maybe a spa built into your pool, will cost you much more than just the typical pool. Keep in mind that another factor in cost might be the access to which we have/do not have into your backyard. We at Crystal Platinum pools carry a lot of different equipment to get the job done right for you. Sometimes, it may happen that we are not able to get into your backyard through the side of your home because it may be to narrow. This is something can affect the cost of your pool. If you have worked hard at maintaining your lawn and landscape and do not want to see the grass torn up, and machines driving all over your property, our company offers a conveyor system approach! This, again, will affect the cost of your pool, but to some it is worth it due to lack of damage. Our company will get into your backyard, have a conveyor system set up throughout, so that when we are digging out your pool we are able to put the dirt and rock onto the conveyor and have it sent out to the truck! It is a really clean option that many people choose to save the life of their lawns, gardens and concrete. This is something you can always discuss with one of our professionals and we can decide with you if it will be the best option.