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Should I get a saltwater or chlorine pool? What is the difference?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the two is that a salt water pool does not have chlorine in it. Both types of pools have chlorine, it is the method in which the chemical is put into the swimming pool, and the amount required in each, that differs.

Salt water pools create chlorine in a salt water generator. Because you need to purchase this generator for a salt water pool, which will deliver a constant flow of chlorine into the pool, the cost is generally higher. If you plan on keeping the pool for many years, the cost of the salt water generator makes up for the cost of a chlorine pool in the long run.

When you clean out the salt water pool it should be done only once a year meaning you will be cleaning the surface all around, draining the pool, changing the filers etc.

With a chlorine pool, the initial set up costs are cheaper than those of a saltwater pool. It involves more time and effort in maintaining it as well. With the chlorine pool you have to make sure the PH balance is perfect. The number should be anywhere from 7.2-7.6 to perform at its best. It is said to kill bacteria at it’s very best at 7.2. To make sure your pool’s PH level is at its best you should check the levels twice a week.