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Are there any hidden costs of installing and running a pool?

If you do your homework ahead of time, there should be no “hidden costs” and no surprises. Make sure you tack on an extra 20% into your budget just in case you need it. The list below includes some things that you might not have thought about when planning your pool:

– getting locates (whoever is doing the digging should pay for this)
– de-watering services in case you dig below the water table
– re-designing fees if you dig down to bedrock or encounter large boulders
– fencing
– extra concrete
– extra gravel
– hauling away excavated dirt
– retaining walls
– electrical
– delivery fees for pool equipment
– water delivery
– professional landscaping or pool design

Talk to your pool company about all of these items, as some may not be applicable to your geographic area or pool design.