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How much water will I need to fill my pool?

You should fill your in-ground pool to ⅓-½ the way up the pool skimmer entrance This allows anything floating on the surface of your pool to float inside and get trapped in the filter. The filter works best when the skimmer is not completely underwater.

If you have a pool with no skimmer, you could fill to 12 inches from the top, or fill to a few inches above the top stair, or final rung of your ladder. Any more water might result in an overflow after heavy rains or a vigorous cannonball contest. If this is your first time filling this pool, it may be best to err on the low side. If you decide you need more water later, you can always run a garden hose into it for a few hours to top it up to your preferred height.

The amount of water you need will be the volume of the pool space, minus a foot or so from the surface. Most water supply companies would be happy to help you calculate the volume of water you will require, should you need help. Rectangular pools are the easiest, you simply multiply the length of the pool, by the width of the pool, by the height of water you would like. You will need 1,000 litres of water for every cubic metre of pool space.