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How much will my pool cost?

With all the different types and sizes of pools available these days, it’s quite easy to get your own little piece of aquatic heaven for the right price! Pools range from affordable to extravagant and everywhere in between. You know your budget the best so make sure to ask lots of questions about how much your pool will cost you. By being proactive about getting all your expenses straight, you can make good decisions about your pool, which will leave you (and your pocket!) happy with the final result.
Some things to keep in mind while planning your pool budget:
– The deeper you go, the higher the cost
– Underwater lighting
– Heaters 
– Robotic pool cleaners
– Water features 
– Landscaping, decking & patios
– Patio furniture
Also, remember to keep your eyes peeled for sales on patio furniture!  No pool is complete without a couple of reclining chairs and a margarita or two!