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What do I need to know about pool maintenance and sanitation?

This differs depending on what type of pool you own, however, both chlorine and saltwater pools need to be regularly maintained. As we mentioned before, a saltwater pool sounds as though you just put the water into the pool and magically it somehow maintains itself. Not the case. Although the maintenance of it is less complex than that of a chlorine water pool, there are still regimens you should follow.

A concrete pool with either have a tile or a concrete liner. If the pool has a concrete liner then the best method would be to take a brush and scrape the lining of the pool from shallow to deep end (if that is the way your pool is) and wait until all the debris settles to the top of the water, where you can then vacuum it all up. If it is lined with tile, it will need to be cleaned with any household cleaner and scrubbed. A concrete pool can be emptied completely without having to worry about it collapsing which might make it easier for you to clean.

With a vinyl liner pool you should use a pool brush and scrub the entire pool every 1-2 weeks. Use a cleaner and cloth to wipe down and scrub your pool. We also suggest checking the water line of your pool regularly to see if there has been any build up at all. You can also scrub the water line regularly.

Fiberglass pools have a non-porous surface which does not allow for debris to get caught, making it a very easy material to keep clean. The swimming pool ring is very common with a fiberglass pool. This is from debris and body oils built up and along side the pool. Many people have actually suggested Mr. Clean magic eraser to use against the pool line to clear away the ring.