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Pool Accessories

Here at Sunnyview Pools we deal with a wide variety of accessories. The sky’s the limit when you think of accessories for your pool. Our experts will design comfortable getaway that suits your needs.

Residential Swimming Pools in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

Residential Swimming Pools in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

We provide many different options for steps that will compliment you new swimming pool perfectly. We have coloured steps, long steps, short steps, ladders and steps you have never seen in a pool.

Solar blankets
One option of a solar blanket comes equipped with a wheel system that is set up, and locked in front of your pool. The second option is to have the system installed right into the concrete in front of your pool. It is flush with the concrete, and out of the way storage facility for your solar blanket, out of site out of mind. This storage compartment is very easy to open and close, therefore making it easy for one person to put on and take off the solar blanket.

Removable safety fence
A big selling accessory kit we provide is the removable safety fence. Safety fences can be installed partially or around the entire pool. The fence comes with a quick removal and attaching system that allows you to keep small children out of the pool when unsupervised. It’s a unique look gives a desirable selling feature to our customers.
These fences are a great piece of mind for parents who have younger children playing in the backyard, around the pool area. We strongly recommend spending a little extra money to be able to relax and enjoy your backyard even when the pool is not in use. Very simple to remove if having a get together, and easy to put back in.

If you are building an inground pool then it is safe to say that you have also looked at underwater pool lights as well. Lighting your pool is a great idea and not to mention it looks beautiful too! Many people use their pool most frequently during the day, but many do also enjoy it at night. There is no ambiance quite like it. It looks gorgeous if you have family and friends over and you are outside at night, it seems to just light up your entire backyard, and make your newly installed pool the main focal point. Not only that, but it also gives you the peace of mind knowing you can clearly see your children swimming in the pool at night.

The size of your pool will determine how many lights you actually need. We recommend smaller LED lights which can fully light up a pool that is 30’ long, anything longer than that we would recommend 2 lights.
There are two main types of lights that are generally used, the LED and the Fiber optic. When looking at LED’s in case you are not sure what that means, LED lights do not have filaments, they produce light without emitting any heat. They can also change to many different colours. Thay also have a very long life span of about 30,000 hours!

Fiber optic were really popular in the early 2000’s but have lost that since the popularity of LEDS’s. The fiber optic is place in a dry box on top of the pool patio. The light from the bulb travels through fiber optic cables and shines out into the pool. There is also a colour change option with this type of light through the colour wheel inside the box. The downfall with fiber optic lighting is that they are very expensive and do not actually emit much light, especially not for the price you pay for them.

Incandescent lighting work by electrical current passing through a wire, known as filament to heat up. The filament glow producing the light we see. The downfall is that if you want to add colour to this type of light you must place a colour lens over top of the light inside the pool, and these lights do not last nearly ass long as the LED’s.
Typically pool lights will cost about $1’000-$2,000 installed in a concrete or vinyl pool.

The good thing about maintaining your lights, is that the only maintenance really required is replacing the bulbs when they are dead.

As for the safety of pool lights, yes they are safe as long as you follow code and the manufacturer recommendations. Any modern pool light, if installed correctly is virtually risk and problem free.

If you have any questions about pool lighting, or need an assistance with ideas, please speak to our very knowledgeable staff who would be happy to help you!