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Concrete Pools

Concrete pools can be any size, any length, any depth. The sky’s the limit with a concrete pool! Do you want an island in your pool? Waterfalls? Seating areas? How about lounge chairs build into the pool to enjoy some relaxation and sun? Choosing to build a concrete pool means you are choosing any option you can possibly imagine.

Swimming Pool builders in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

Swimming Pool builders in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

If you are the type of person you thinks extravagant, imagining your back yard and pool looking like a tropical resort with grand entrances into the pool, something that will take your breath away, you will likely be choosing a concrete pool.

Costs, costs, costs, that is the question. Vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools are not in the same category if you go with a concrete pool all done up with all the bells and whistles. However, if you keep things simple, such as putting tile only in some areas of the pool, for example, only in areas that people can see, not adding the waterfalls and other extras. Build a concrete pool that is large but without all the extras and lighting effects, but still have a cost effective concrete pool look as though you paid big bucks for it. We know the tricks, and we can help you with that!

Let Sunnyview Pools give you an idea about turning your pool into a work of art. This concrete pool can turn into something so beautiful you blush when you look at it, for just a little bit more money than a fiberglass or vinyl pool. Lets us take your backyard to a whole new level!

Now, with a such a high price tag, owning your own concrete pool is usually a life time commitment to the house you own. It will be the wow factor at your house. If you ever consider selling the house, perhaps going with fiberglass or vinyl is the better option for you.