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Concrete Landscaping

Here at Sunnyview pools we take time to listen to our customers and their goals and wishes. Building the pool is one part of the oasis, but tying in all the landscaping can be very overwhelming. How should I shape it, colour, texture and style.

Our team will give you a good insight and different options for concrete landscaping that we can tie into your pool. Keep in mind who will be spending the most time around your pool. Small children, elderly, or younger adult couples. It is important to remember that the finish around the pool can be very slippery when wet.

Here at Sunnyview Pools we are going to give you some different types of finishes around your pool and also provide you with our honest opinion on looks, durability, safety, maintenance, and the best fit for your lifestyle.

Broom Finish Concrete design: (Insert pics here)
The broom finish is probably the most common finish and has been used since the beginning. It is not typically known as very decorative, because of how simple it is, but looks beautiful! Broom finish is when concrete has dried to a certain desire, a concrete broom is then passed along the top to give the effect of lines running through the concrete. We then finish it off with a beautiful edge to give you a beautiful, simple, clean look.

We think a nice crisp broom finish with a nice clean edge looks beautiful, clean, and the maintenance is next to none. We highly recommend the broom finish specifically if you have young children by the pool as is tends to be more slip resistant.

Exposed Aggregate Finish: (Insert pics here)
Exposed aggregate concrete finish around a pool is one of the nicest finishes in decorative concrete. We would also like to warn you, with that being said, that it can also be hard on the feet, especially in the first month of walking around on it. If you are set on the exposed look but don’t like the idea of it being uncomfortable on your feet, we can also create a combination of the exposed finish and broom finish together for example: exposed boarders and broom finish in the center (see photos)

Exposed aggregate is basically a plain surface to begin with until we strip the top layer away to reveal small pebbles. This give a beautiful look of the plain concrete (in which ever colour you choose) decorated with beautiful rock. It has become an extremely popular choice for walkways and concrete areas around pools. To maintain this popular concrete look requires minimum expense in sealing every couple of years. The sealer will give the concrete a wet look which can also make it a little more slippery.

Stamp Concrete Finish: (Insert pics here)
Stamped concrete is by far the most decorative of all concrete finishes. Stamping concrete means the concrete finisher will use a large rubber mold that will mimic the look of of different stone patterns. This comes in many different beautiful designs. With that being said, stamping is also the most slippery of concrete finishes. Sealing the surface (which gives you a beautiful wet look) makes the concrete very slippery, but there are also some options of putting a sand like material that is translucent and gives the concrete a nice firm grip when walking.

Concrete Colouring:
Colouring concrete these days provides endless possibilities for how you would like your concrete decorated. There are many colours to choose from, that are put into the concrete mix at the plant, or rubbed into the concrete right at the job site.