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Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools have become the fastest growing product in the North American swimming pool industry. Many other countries are choosing fiberglass pools as the number one in residential pool construction. In fact, 56% of the market is switching to fiberglass pools.

Fiberglass pools in the USA alone take up 10% of the market today, however, the market in Canada and the USA are seeing a huge demand for fiberglass pools, and still growing with swimming pool technology and style.

Advantages in gel coats and resin have given us a modern day swimming pool that are very strong, flexible, UV resistant, and an overall easy installation for your backyard oasis getaway.

There used to be an old myth about fiberglass pools being unable to survive the freezing temperatures of our North American climate. However, this thinking is false. It is a fact that fiberglass pools have much more ability to flex in freezing/thawing conditions and ice will not damage the surface.

More Facts:

  • Fiberglass pools also have the lowest cost in the market when you look at long term
  • Fiberglass pool shell is a better insulator than the other style pools
  • Fiberglass pools have a variety of built in steps, benches, and sun deck configurations
  • Fiberglass pools are the quickest for installing and weather does not affect installation of the pool
  • Fiberglass pools with impact damage can be fixed such as boats, yachts etc
  • Go green with fiberglass pools! Takes out lower operating costs, and replacement of vinyl in a vinyl pool
  • No corrosion in fiberglass pools, just think about how many boats are out there in salt water oceans
  • Fiberglass pools have such a great feeling on your feet while swimming in your new pool. The shell is very solid, not rough or abrasive, such as that of a concrete pool.
  • Non-slip steps and floors are a great feature in fiberglass swimming pools which makes you feel very safe, especially if you have small children who will make making most use of your new swimming pool
  • Scratches can be fixed very easily by simply sanding and buffing which we can provide for you