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Fiberglass Pool Myths

Myth #1: Fiberglass pools could float or pop up
This is one of the most amusing and very common questions asked by some home owners, or mentioned by pool companies who don’t supply fiberglass pools. With the water and concrete surrounding the fiberglass pool it is impossible for it to float, even in hurricane winds and has never been heard of.

Myth #2: Fiberglass pools look cheap
This may have been true 20 years ago, but now in this time the fiberglass industry has stepped up on the look, the colour, and the special features that can add big value to your home.

Myth #3: Fiberglass pools only work in warm climates.
Today’s fiberglass swimming pools have the ability to flex. When freezing occurs, the water expands upward where there are no barriers, and we have never had any problems in the past years with damage to a fiberglass pool due to freezing.

Myth #4: Fiberglass pools cost more than vinyl pools.
The tricky question here, apples to apples, features to features, decking the same for both, fiberglass pools typically run $5,000 – $10,000 more initially. We always recommend looking into the future maintenance costs. Liners can be damaged and will have to be fixed with a good price tag on it, where fiberglass requires very little maintenance typically. Scratches or blunt force damage can be fixed with very easy techniques such as buffing or filling in with fiberglass.