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Pool Digging Methods

You have two options for digging out your swimming pool…

Option 1: The standard dig out
With our four different size excavators as small as 42 inches wide, to as large as 20 t
on excavator, with two other sizes in between. We will start first with a plan for the size of your pool, and the entry point to your back or side yard. We can use either a 44 inch wide skid steer or 6 foot skid steer depending upon point of entry.

We start off digging to the preferred height bringing all the material to the road and into a dump truck, to be hauled away to the desired location. During this stage, there may be a lot of damage happening to your property, mainly your grass areas. This does not pose a problem to us because we will ensure any damage created by our team will be repaired for you.

Option 2: Conveyor belt
With this option, repairs to grass area are not required because we will not damage the property. This is a great option where space is limited. When a skid steer does not fit, we can bring in multiple conveyor belts and the conveyor belt will bring all the material right to the front of your property. From there it is then disposed of into a truck. This option also costs more, usually ranging anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000, compared to the skid steer option which is already included in your excavation price, but keep in mind the cost to repair your property.