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Pool Opening & Closing

Sunnyview Pools can help you in the opening and closing pool process in just a couple of days.

Swimming Pool Installers in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

Swimming Pool Installers in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

We are thorough in our work so we want to make sure we have everything clean, vacuum the pool, check the heater (if you have one), and make sure the PH levels are exactly where they should be.

Seasonal Pool Opening:
  • Cover Removal
  • Fold pool cover and put into some plastic bags
  • Clean all the debris that was on the pool cover
  • Clean the entire pool area, concentrating as well at the water line
  • Check the PH levels and the clarity of the water
  • Repair any minor problems that may have occurred in the winter months

Vacuum Start-Up
  • Check filter equipment for any leaks
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Skim and thoroughly clean the pool surface
  • Pool chemistry analysis

End of Season Pool closing:

We can help you close your pool with the following steps:
  • Vacuum out the pool and drain water to an appropriate level for winter
  • Drain out the water from the pump, heater and filter, remove all switches and plugs
  • Check the PH levels
  • Install winter cover and water tubes