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Vinyl Pools

Vinyl liner pools have been around and constructed in North America for over 60 years, and has since blown up into an industry of beautiful works of art.

In the past, vinyl liner pools only came in basic selection of shapes and sizes, including plastic coping , white plastic decks and normal grey cement. In the past the option was concrete pools, or gunite pools, due to the look of vinyl liner pools years ago. Vinyl liner pools were always known to the public as a package pool kit. Vinyl liner pools were chosen quite often because they were far less expensive when compared to a concrete or gunite pool.

Swimming Pools in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

Swimming Pools in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario

The customer’s needs and wants have driven the pool industry towards constructing beautiful kit pools for today’s pool market. Our new shapes and design for vinyl liner pools have reached a high in satisfaction, we now have concrete coping, brick, and stone coping that give you that concrete pool effect. The steps come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Long steps, shorts steps, curvy steps… our variety and versatility give us the leading edge.

Some other advancements in vinyl pool liners include things such as elegant lighting, LED lighting, and show lighting. You are able to pick and choose which type of light to suit your mood at the time. Or, one click of a button and you can display a light show of multiple colours in your brand new pool. Waterfalls are also an option, coupled with a light show, make for a beautiful attraction while entertaining your guests. So much has come along with vinyl liner pools, and not to mention they are still very affordable, best bang for your buck.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your vinyl liner pool: flower beds, retaining walls up against your pool with a beautiful rock waterfall. All of this and more can be creatively designed for your vinyl liner pool. Simply give us a call, give us your ideas, and let us work together with you to create that dream pool & landscape idea.