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Advantages of Vinyl Swimming Pools

Today’s vinyl liner pool structures are made up of modular panels and can be ordered and bought in many different radius’ and straight sections. This gives our customers many different options and sizes for the swimming pool kit they require for their backyard resort.

Due to the advances in the vinyl liner pool industry, our structural panels will last a lifetime, most vinyl liner pools in the past were made up of plastic panels or even wood panels, where the structure had much less life capacity.

Vacuuming the liner is performed to give the best tight fit and finish. Vinyl patterns today are available in multiple colours and designs that give that beautiful look.

With vinyl liner pools the liner has a life expectancy of 10-15 years where the cost of replacing a liner today can range from $3,000-$6,000 including labour costs. New liners will give you that nice crisp pool look that you had when you first built your pool. At this time of replacement you are also able to choose a different colour to change the look of your pool.

Now the vinyl liners are made much thicker, providing you with a better UV coverage from the sun, therefore, reducing sun damage and the “faded” look that comes along with it. Vinyl is still a very durable material and we can easily repair it if damaged, with a simple patch with the same colour of liner.

Because vinyl liner pools come in sections, it is very easy to install a vinyl liner pool anywhere where it can fit, where fiberglass might not fit by crane or carried between houses, making the installation of a vinyl liner pool easier in such a case.
Vinyl liner pools are delivered in pallets, which means a very low cost for shipping which also reduces the price of the pool.

When building vinyl liner pools, the bottom of the pool is constructed on site and can give you a different height especially for a diving area. You can customize the depth and configuration of the bottom of your pool.

Vinyl liner pools also offer the customer a wider and longer design for their pool. They typically come in sizes of 16, 18, 20 & 22ft wide where fiberglass pools mostly come in 16ft wide due to shipping and transporting on the road.

Building a vinyl liner pool is less expensive, but the fiberglass pool requires less labour. Fiberglass is more on shipping, however. Building liners are roughly 15-20% less than installing a fiberglass pool.