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Vinyl Pool Myths

Some people might say liners must be replaced every 5-8 years and it comes with a price of $10,000 to replace the liner in the pool. The average life on a vinyl pool is usually 10-15 years , in some cases sooner due to improper chemical use. The normal price ranges from $2,000 and up depending on size and thickness of your pool liner.

It has also been said that pool liners can rip and tear very easily, this does not normally occur from everyday use. It will likely occur due to blunt force or a sharp object. These types of damages are very easy to fix.

Another myth about vinyl liner pools is that the cost of maintenance can be very high. It is said within the 10-12 year mark of owning a vinyl liner pool you will have put up to $11,000 with chemicals and electricity. Chemicals and electricity are roughly the same cost all around, regardless of the type of pool you own. The difference in price varies depending on the circulation of your pumps and what types of chemicals are used in the pool. These factors play a huge role in the overall price of the pool itself. With the technology we have today with LED lighting and high efficiency pumps, the price per year for maintenance is at an all time low which makes buying a pool a great investment.

Some opinions out there about vinyl liner pools is that they look “cheap”. However if you take a look at the advancements with vinyl liner pools today including, yet not limited to, coping, concrete coping, and stone coping, these have really taken the vinyl liner pool industry to a whole other level. They can look just as beautiful as a concrete pool, at half the cost. Having concrete or stone around the pool plays a huge role in the overall look and feel of your pool. It really adds the beautiful touches to your backyard oasis. We here at Sunnyview Pools have been in the concrete industry for over 20 years. We have many years experience in doing the work and also working with our customers to design something beautiful.

Another myth about vinyl liner pools is that they are only available in one shape, which is rectangle. This is false. A majority of the vinyl liner pools we have done have been the rectangular shape, base purely on what the customer’s purpose or preference for the pool was, for example, many people enjoy playing water sports in their pools, and this basic shape tends to work well in most backyards. There are however, many different options in terms of shape for your vinyl liner pool.

Vinyl liner pools only come in 8ft depth, which is absolutely false. You can make any shape you want with a vinyl liner pool, allowing you to get creative!