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There’s not much room between my house and my neighbours home and we don’t want to ruin their property.

Sunnyview Pools is prepared for any scenario!

We have been in this business for a long time and we know people do not enjoy having their own property torn up, let alone their neighbour’s. This is where our conveyor system comes in very handy. This system will allow us to get into your backyard with a small excavator, so small that it will not need to drive along your neighbour’s property. While we are in your backyard digging and doing the necessary prep work to install your pool, we will remove the dirt and place on to the conveyor which makes its way to the front yard and into a dump truck.

You will be happy to know that we will not destruct your property, or that of your neighbor either! This is something our experts can discuss with you at our no obligation free estimate. If it is something that truly concerns you we will have a look at the entrance point, take measurements and let you know if a conveyor is your best option. If it is something you are set on having, that is not a problem just let us know!