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What types of pools can be built in my area?

Any kind of pool can be built in any area.  All you need is the right amount of space, and the right permits and safety features that your municipality requires.  Sunnyview Pools will take care of all of that extra time consuming headache for you!

Most municipalities have a by-law that says that all pools must be enclosed in a lockable fenced area.  This means you must have the entire pool area fenced in with latch-able gate.  If you have a house in town and your entire backyard is fenced, then you only need to have gates on your side lawns.  The house acts as part of the fence.

If you have an above ground pool, you simply need to have a latched gate that leads onto the decking.  The rest of the yard can be open.  The idea behind these laws is to prevent a toddler or child from accessing your pool by themselves and drowning.