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Whats the difference between a concrete pool and a Vinyl liner pool?

The concrete swimming pool is very durable, a life long investment. The finish of the concrete pool can be traditional white, or any other colour you choose, it Can also be lined with tile all throughout, or just around the water line. Tiling around the water line will give you the same beautiful effect as if it were tiled throughout, at a fraction of the cost. The concrete pool allows for anything your imagination can create. The creations are endless, you can have any shape of pool, waterfalls, multi-level, colour, and the list goes on.

The vinyl pool is made of steel walls with vinyl liner. These days due to the popularity, the vinyl liner pool comes in many different shapes and sizes. You are still able to add things such as waterfalls, diving boards etc. There are many different things you can come up with to make your backyard oasis something truly unique.