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What’s the difference between a fiberglass pool and a concrete pool?

A fiberglass pool is manufactured offsite in a factory that uses gel and resin to glue fiberglass sheets together inside a pre-made mold. There are many styles of fiberglass pools to choose from, but cannot usually be custom-made. They come no wider than 16 feet, because most roads have a width limit, and your fiberglass pool will need to be delivered to your home in a big truck. The fiberglass pool is essentially a shell. Which contains all the stairs and steps you will need. It is already the right colour, and all Sunnyview Pools needs to do is pop it in place once we have prepared your yard to receive it.

Your fiberglass pool is flexible and very strong. It takes about a week to prepare your yard and install it, it requires minimal maintenance, and may need replacing after 15 years. A fiberglass pool is an excellent choice and can look just as good as a concrete pool, with a bit of professional landscaping.

A concrete pool is completely cutom-made to fit your desires, budget and yard, and it is built on site by Sunnyview Pools. Sunnyview Pools excavates the space, forms and fits the foundation and walls with rebar, electrical and plumbing. Then the concrete gets poured, and gets a gorgeous gunite finish, which smooths the concrete into a beautiful surface. The gunite finish is slightly rougher than the fiberglass finish, and as such it will require more maintenance, but will not need complete refurbishing for 20-30 years. Concrete pools are often the lovliest of pools money can buy. With their cutom design, they can be made to fit in perfectly with the landscape.